Happy Naw Ruz!!!!

Happy Naw Ruz everyone!! Great celebration in Cosmo City, and the Choir voices resonated loudly and joyfully!! “Be a Baha’i (from the new “Homage ” CD) and “US Baha’i Praise Medley” were soooo much fun to perform!!!!Naw Ruz 2015 c Naw Ruz 2015 a Naw Ruz 2015 b

Track 5 of new album ‘HOMAGE’

Follow link!! https://soundcloud.com/joburg-bahai-choir/05-ke-a-tsiba

And here is are the lyrics and translation so that you can sing along!! :

‘ Tsela e kaba telele ‘

Translation into southern Sotho by Makoena Masha, into isiZulu by Onke Dumeko


Tsela e kaba telele                                           (The road might be long/hard)

Maru a ka re kwahela                                      (Clouds might be over us)

Empa lerato la Modimo le a re tataisa    (But the love of God guards us)

ke lesedi la rona                                                (But the love of God is our sunshine)

Ha ke sena matla                                               (When my strength is little)

Ha ke sa bone tsela                                          (When I don’t see the way)

Empa lerato la Modimo le a re tataisa    (But the love of God guards us)

ke lesedi la rona                                                (But the love of God is our sunshine)


Ke a tseba lerato la Modimo le matla     (I know God’s love is strong)

Mantswe a Ha eke tataiso ya ka                   (His Words are my guide)


Lalelani gahle: nizozwa  umdumo wenjabulo   [ Listen carefully: you will hear the sounds of gladness.]

nizoyizwa emoyeni; nizoizwa emfulweni ogelezayo; nizoizwa enhlizyweni  [ You can hear it in the wind; you can hear it in the flowing river; you can hear it in your heart    ]

lalelani gaghle nizozwa umculo omnandi  [Listen carefully: you will hear sweet music ]

uzoku phakamisa; uzoza no xolo; uzoza nenjabulo  [It will lift you up. It will bring you peace. It will bring you joy ]


OUTRO (= Verse 1)

A cappella vs instrumental (behind the scenes look at HOMAGE CD, 2015)

To offer songs a cappella (only voices) or with full instrumental back up? This has been a recurrent question in the making of HOMAGE (the 2015 CD of the Joburg Bahai Choir). The answer is a mixed bag, since on the one hand, a cappella songs will be best performed live (when the purity of voices best elevates the spirits, and allows the audience and the singers to focus on the harmonies and the balance between the vocal parts), whilst songs with instrumental back up offer added musical layers and tonal colors. YOU BE THE JUDGE!!! Enjoy!

“Suffer Me” by Joburg Bahai Choir

Suffer me, O my God, to draw nigh unto Thee, and to abide within the precincts of Thy court, for remoteness from Thee hath well-nigh consumed me. Cause me to rest under the shadow of the wings of Thy grace, for the flame of my separation from Thee hath melted my heart within me. Draw me nearer unto the river that is life indeed, for my soul burneth with thirst in its ceaseless search after Thee. My sighs, O my God, proclaim the bitterness of mine anguish, and the tears I shed attest my love for Thee.

I beseech Thee, by the praise wherewith Thou praisest Thyself and the glory wherewith Thou glorifiest Thine own Essence, to grant that we may be numbered among them that have recognized Thee and acknowledged Thy sovereignty in Thy days. Help us then to quaff, O my God, from the fingers of mercy the living waters of Thy loving-kindness, that we may utterly forget all else except Thee, and be occupied only with Thy Self. Powerful art Thou to do what Thou willest. No God is there beside Thee, the Mighty, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

Glorified be Thy name, O Thou Who art the King of all Kings!